kik messenger for pcThe main issue with cellular apps these days is that the majority of the popular ones are just not readily available for the desktop PC and laptop. Luckly we’re here to provide help.

%link Is Just a windows desktop Edition of everyones preferred Messaging app that, until now, is Unique for mobiles devices

We created this version of Kik Messenger for your own computer for ourselves as we are a set of programmers and also spend the majority of our time sat at our desks. So we thought why not have a messenging app that we all utilize around the screen people spend so long looking in. Thus Kik to get Windows has been created.


Since you could guess, we have made sure each one of the qualities from the cellular model of Kik are also available in the personal computer version.

These Capabilities comprise:

The ability to invite your friends and family (or anybody else) to talk with you personally

Group chat. Send Numerous individuals one message

You Are Going to Be Able to receive alarms (in your Windows task bar)when you get a Note

Hook up Kik to social programs such as Instagram and viddy

See who is on the Web in your buddies list

Are you feeling happy? Let people understand through your Kik status


Setup and usage could not be simpler. Simply down load Kik Online by means of the download button under and after downloaded, double click on the installer to install the application.

All You Need to do would be either Put in Your Kik Log in details or create an Kik account in case you have not already obtained one


Kik Messenger is a free, cross-platform chat program that can not just replace paid SMS, but can send pictures and also convey classes. It is quick and it is wholly ad-free.

*SMS junkies who value their solitude *

Do you desire to reveal up online in your own bosss telephone list? You want to pinpoint that that which type your addressbook? You want your phonenumber remain personal? Then you have detected the perfect SMS substitute. But, you have to then invite your pals to Kik Messenger.

*telephone stays private*

Enrollment using Kik performs on your own email address and an individual name, instead of the telephone number. Additionally, Kik Messenger searches not your mobile publication, but does this only once you would like it. To include connections still, it is possible to invite friends and family via e mail or SMS or search by user name.

*Deliver Additional purposes*

In addition to conventional messages you can send different graphics or items: This demonstrates the sophistication of the Messengers. So you can send not simply simple graphics with the incorporated drawing editor you may customize rapid simple pictures. The editor which rivals full-fledged characters apps. In addition, you can choose from a database of their most popular me-me pictures, send out YouTube pictures or a photo bomb communication: Listed below is your image after a set period of self-extinguished.

If you have any questions about our Kik computer app, please feel free to get intouch together now and we will do our best to aid you.

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