Olive oil, apple vinegar, natural yoghurts and avocado pulp are the ideal ingredients to arrange masks for dry, destroyed or harmed hair by plate maltreatment, curling flat iron and dryer.

The nutritive masks made at home with natural and authentic products provide shine, empuje, volume and everything those qualities that we look for in a excellent hair, with no weighing locks.

If you notice that your hair looks particularly opaque, dry and brittle, include split ends and break easily, is actually time to feed them with maschera per capelli secchi made with all natural and legitimate products that, in all likelihood, you already have in foodstuff storage.

Extra virgin olive oil for dried out hair

Thanks to the moisturizing and nourishing substances which it is constructed, including supplement E, supplement A and essential fatty acids including linoleic acid solution, olive oil will be able to visibly increase the appearance of hair currently from the initial applications.

You need to apply the olive oil, preferably extra-virgin, on the skin and on the length which has a gentle massage, collect the hair, cover having a towel and leave about for at least one hour before rinsing with a good amount of fresh water.

You are able to prepare at your home an amazing do it yourself (diy) natural cream for dry out hair with two tablespoons of essential olive oil, two as soon as possible yolks and a spoonful of honey.

Apple white vinegar

Add a tea spoon of apple vinegar once rinsed with fresh water following your shampoo will have a beneficial impact on the brittle hair. If the curly hair is particularly dried out and ruined, it is advisable to pour on the top the equivalent of two cups of water and one of apple vinegar and leave for an hour ahead of rinsing, carefully covering the head of hair with a bath towel.

Masks for dry hair with avocado and banana

It is possible to obtain effective reinforcing hair masks with the avocado pulp mixed with that of something veryyyy sexy and bright white yogurt.


The mayo is a valuable ally meant for the proper care of dry locks. To prepare the mask you will need an egg, white yogurt and a large amount of mayonnaise. After whipping as fast as possible white, put yoghurt and mayonnaise. Get spread around the combination on the hair and keep for at least half an hour, then wash it out it away with fresh water and proceed with cleaning the hair.

To have more fabulous hair all of us also recommend to be attentive of food, which includes in our diet protein foods such as ovum, crustaceans and blue seafood, as well as extra virgin essential olive oil, whole grains, vegatables and fruits, especially spargelkohl and cauliflower. It is also advisable to take locks supplements based on vitamins, copper mineral and zinc.